This page will become more detailed as the campaign progresses, but for now, here are some 'thumbnail sketches' of the priorities I'll have when I become the Representative for Mississippi's First Congressional District:

Civil Rights: We must protect voting rights and access to the polls that were so fiercely won in the 60s. We can only make a difference if we participate!

Economy: In addition to offering incentives to corporations, we must also provide resources for citizens to market goods and services themselves.

Education: An educated electorate is an empowered electorate. We must teach our young people about their history and how to think critically.

Environment: Care for our beautiful earth must be central to all that we do. We can prosper financially while being responsible stewards of the planet.

Gerrymandering: There is nothing in favor of the American people when career politicians use redistricting to guarantee maintenance of the partisan status quo. I am in favor of non-partisan commission redrawing those lines nationwide.

Government Reform: I will work with Congressional colleagues to dismantle the Electoral College, which thwarted the will of the people in 2000 and 2016.

Immigration: Immigrants contribute abundantly to the well-being of our nation and our state. We can create fair and compassionate policies based on this.

Inclusion: All Mississippians have gifts to share, regardless of factors such as ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, national origin or physical ability.

Labor: Workers have the right to choose whether they wish to unionize, and should be able to do so free from profit-driven corporate pressure.

Poverty: When people are devalued by their society, then poverty is a natural consequence. We will thrive as we prioritize We-the-People over profit.

Social Security: The most vulnerable among us deserve protection. Social Security is part of the safety net that keeps Mississippi and the US strong.

Terrorism: The greatest terrorist threats to our state and our country come from within. We must actively counter patriarchy and racialized supremacy.

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